About Winterfest

In 1996 three members of Alcoholics Anonymous in St. George, Utah cooked up a scheme to get a Central Office in town.  They thought that if they started a convention, then the proceeds could be used to fund an AA Central Office in St. George.  At that time, the nearest central offices were in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.  A central office is an AA service office which is a partnership among groups in a community (find more information on Central or Intergroup offices in AA Guidelines MG-02).

A central office can help the local groups with inquiries about AA and local meetings, coordinate local AA services by providing workers and/or volunteers and an office, provide meeting lists and other literature, and exchange information about AA to the local public and the AA groups and members.

These three local alcoholics started a local AA convention, which they named Winterfest because it was held in the late winter/early spring of each year and would attract other AA members and their families from colder climates up north (St. George is known as Utah’s Dixie and is the warmest part of the state with very mild winters and no snow – usually).  Winterfest was a hit from the start with AA speakers, activities, banquets/luncheons, golf tournament, etc.  And the proceeds provided for the opening of a local Central Office in downtown St. George (165 North 100 East #4, St. George, UT 84770, 435.674.4791).  Today that Central Offices works with the local groups, district and Alano Club and provides services such as meeting times and locations, brochures, books, and 12 Step calls to local alcoholics and their families.  Each year Winterfest provides the funds to rent the office, pay for the utilities, phone, computer and xerox machine for the year.

2020 is the 24th consecutive year for the Winterfest Convention.  The location of the convention has changed several times (including the Ramada Inn early on, the Courtyard Hotel for one year, and Cottontown Village in Washington, Utah), but it has been held at the Red Lion Hotel for the past eight years.   Today Winterfest has expanded and provides AA/Alanon speakers, AA/Alanon workshops, outdoor hikes with meetings, bingo, game night, meditation meetings, golf and pickle ball tournaments, AA/Al-Anon marathon meetings, raffles, AA book and brochure sales, and lots of interaction with local and regional AA and Al-Anon Family Group members.  Join us for Fun in the Sun in 2020!