Saturday February 29, 2:30 – 5 pm Main Ballroom

This workshop will introduce the three C’s of recovery; Commitment, Connection, and obtaining Compassion.  It will also cover the three components of the Twelfth Step; a spiritual awakening, carrying the message, and practicing these principles in all our affairs.  Loneliness and isolation are a large part of our disease.  The Twelfth Step can help us connect and find compassion which both help in recovering from these diseases.  In order to cure the disease of alcoholism, addiction, or codependency, we must commit to a program of recovery; connect to God, others and ourselves; and, as a result, find compassion for ourselves and others.  Members of AA and Alanon will speak about the loneliness and isolation and how the Twelfth Step of AA and Alanon help us.